Our Services


We configure, install and/or troubleshoot a variety of devices ranging from Hard drives, memory, network card, processor, video card, DVD player, printers, etc. (Hardware not included- We can purchase hardware for you for an additional charge)


We configure, install and/or troubleshoot your software. (Software not included- We can purchase software for you for an additional charge)

Virus Removal

We evaluate the infected computer and then take steps to remove the virus. from your computer. Then we will give you recommendations on how to avoid getting viruses.

Computer Maintenance

We clean up your pc with a variety of tools. Also, we repair your registry, clear temps, remove unwanted programs, fix performance of pc, etc.


We will backup, restore or transfer your files to the same or another device. Also, we will configure scheduled backups.

Computer setup

We setup and configure your pc or laptop with all its hardware- monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, webcam. We will wire and test all the devices and install drivers and updates. In addition, we will setup a user and email account for each user.

Wifi / Wired

We configure and install your wireless router and setup secured wireless network. Test wireless range to locate best placement for router. Connect wireless devices to wireless network.

Gamer Setup

We install game console to your tv. In addition, we setup online play through your network if available. Also, we setup your online account.

Ready to get started

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions.